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From the moment you call us you are connected with a criminal defense attorney in Miami to handle your case. This firm represents each client as if he or she is the firm's ONLY client. Our firm provides you with in-depth and detail focused representation when dealing with your legal matter.

Criminal Cases: Being charged with a crime is one of the most scariest and confusing times in a person's life. We can all say that we will never commit a crime but to say we will never be accused of one is beyond our control. The role of our firm is to protect your rights. You have the right to a fair trial by the government and you should have a firm that is aggressive in protecting those rights and making the government prove the charges against you beyond a reasonable doubt.

Our criminal defense attorneys know the law and will confidently guide you through the legal process. We have handled cases from 1st degree murder to possession of marijuana. We also handle criminal traffic offenses, traffic citations and red light camera violations. If you find yourself with a run in with a police officer give our firm a call!

Real Estate: The purchase or sale of your home or business is one of your life's major events. When conducting any type of real estate transaction there will be multiple parties and vendors involved in the process. Our firm is here to help you navigate through that various steps and requirements of the purchase and sale of your home or business.

Our firm handles these matters from negotiations to closings. We function as title agent and closing agent, providing title insurance as well as settlement services, at the SAME cost as a non-lawyer title company. Our real estate attorneys provide all the services you expect from a title company, please the added value of the legal expertise to handle any issues that may arise.

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Title Insurance & Settlement SErviceS


Aston Wilson, an attorney owned Title Insurance and Settlement Company. We help clients facilitate quick and seamless transactions by providing professional and comprehensive title insurance protection and settlement services in real estate across the State of Florida.

Aston Wilson, P.A. works with homebuyers, sellers, real estate agents and brokers, mortgage lenders, homebuilders and developers to close transactions.

Criminal defense

You have rights when facing criminal allegations, we understand and fight for each person's right to a fair trial and innocence until proven guilty. We work tirelessly at every phase of your case to diligently prepare your defense.

We also understand that one criminal mistake can stay with you and have an impact on almost every facet of your life. That is why it is important that you call today and we can begin working on protecting your life and future from this point forward.