Commercial transactions, whether you are looking to purchase, sell or lease a business property, is more complex than a typical residential transaction.  Commercial transactions often include purchase and lease agreements, zoning and land use, negotiation and review of leases and contracts and environmental inspections.

Your business is important to you and you are important to us. Our commercial real estate attorneys represent businesses, investors, land owners through out the State of Florida. We will make sure you stay complaint with all the relevant laws and protections to be successful.

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Commercial Real Estate Transactions

What sets us apart from our peers?

As real estate attorneys our firm can provide advice on legal issues that arise and make sure the contact provisions are legally valid and align with you or your clients' needs and intentions. Addenda and contingencies that are added to a deal are easily addressed with an attorney on your team that understands the details and affect on the deal. Our firm, Aston Wilson, P.A. provides unparalleled customer service -- quick turnaround times, availability, and a through education on the process as it happens.