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Expunge - record seal

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Have a Past Criminal Record that you Need to Seal or Expunge?

Everyone makes mistakes. If you have a past criminal record that you need sealed or expunged, call us today. Our office will first determine if you qualify and then will guide you through the entire process from state to finish to make that case disappear.

Any criminal charge, no matter how small has the potential to change your life forever.

What is 'expunge'?

Florida Statute §943.045(16) provides that to expunge is a court-ordered physical destruction of a record or portion of a record by any criminal justice agency having custody of the records. The only place that limited record will remain is within the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE), which is required by law to retain a person's criminal history on file. This record remains confidential and exempt from the public.

What is 'seal'?

Seal is defined as the preservation of a record under such circumstances that it is secure and inaccessible to any person not having a legal right to access such information. The record will remain on file at the criminal justice agencies in possession of the record but will be confidential and exempted from public view.

In Florida, a person can legally deny or fail to acknowledge an arrest covered by the seal or expunged record. 

But a person CANNOT deny or fail to acknowledge the arrest if applying to change his/her immigration status, if he/she is a defendant in a criminal case, or are seeking: employment with a criminal justice agency; employment with the Department of Children and Family Services; employment with the department of Juvenile Justice, Department of Education or multiple other schools settings that licenses child care facilities; employment or access to a seaport; or admission to The Florida Bar.  

Aston Wilson, P.A. can evaluate your criminal record and assist you in getting that small mistake removed from your criminal history.

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