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Residential Real Estate Transactions

Residential Deals with Loans

Each closing is unique itself, but the desired results are all the same. Every financial detail that come with the selling or purchase of property as well as the title of the property must be settled before the loan (payout) is made. By hiring our firm to represent you or your clients in the closing process, you can be sure that you are purchasing or selling a property that is free and clear of all title defects.

Throughout the closing process your real estate attorney will review all the documents and explain each closing document to you before you sign.

Our firm will also be responsible for holding the purchase money in trust (escrow) for the length of the deal.

Call us and let our real estate attorney handle your title services and be your settlement agent today!

Real estate deals are getting more complex and more complicated in today's marketplace. It is essential to have a real estate attorney assist you in the purchase or sale of your (or your client's) home.

Market conditions and new Federal (RESPA) rules have made real estate transactions more difficult than they have been in the past. As a homebuyer/homeseller or realtor you invest a lot of time into finding the right property and negotiate favorable terms. Why risk any type of contract or closing issue that could cause the deal to fall apart?

Smart buyers/sellers and realtors do not take those chances, they hire our real estate attorneys to ensure successful transactions.

At Aston Wilson, P.A., we represent individuals and business sellers, buyers and lenders in the purchase and sale of residential real estate transactions. We handle the transactions from drafting the contract through the closing.

Having a knowledgeable and detailed real estate attorney assist you during a closing will give you the confidence that your best interest are being protected.

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What sets us apart from our peers?

As real estate attorneys our firm can provide advice on legal issues that arise and make sure the contact provisions are legally valid and align with you or your clients' needs and intentions. Addenda and contingencies that are added to a deal are easily addressed with an attorney on your team that understands the details and affect on the deal. Our firm, Aston Wilson, P.A. provides unparalleled customer service -- quick turnaround times, availability, and a through education on the process as it happens.