Title insurance protects against financial loss if any of the purchased property rights, as, insured, are ever challenged. A buyer must have an owner's title insurance policy, in addition to the mortgagee policy the lender will require. The owner's policy will ONLY give protection within the limits of the policy's coverage. That is why it is always the best idea to have a real estate attorney prepare the owner's title policy.

As a professional trained in the complexities of real estate law, a real estate attorney can offer your clients the security they need before closing on a piece of property.

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Title Insurance and Settlement Services

At Aston Wilson, P.A., our real estate attorneys handle the title examination, issuance of title insurance and all the settlement duties to help you and/or your clients close deals as quickly and worry free as possible. When a real estate attorney functions as title agent and closing agent, providing title insurance as well as settlement services, the cost is typically no more than a non-lawyer title company. A real estate attorney provides all the services you expect from a title company PLUS the added value of the legal expertise to handle any legal issue that may arise during the transaction process.

When you hire us, it just make more sense. Our firm gives you better protection for your clients throughout the transaction, faster and smoother transactions, less burden and worry for you and gives Realtors more satisfied clients that want to do business with them again -- all for the same cost as a non-lawyer title company.

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